Is the CURO non-invasive?

    • Yes .. the sensors are applied to the skins surface without any need to shave. Simly apply our acoustic gel to the muscle/suspensory site of interest, place the sensor on top of the gel and tape into place with snögg or a similar adhesive pad.

Is the CURO heavy?

    • No .. it weighs approx. 300g and can be easily attached to a horse using a girth strap, to a human in a pocket or via a belt attachment and to a dog using a k9 harness.

Is it possible to obtain parts of the system separately, e.g. sensors, CURO unit etc?

    • Yes .. the CURO  comes as a start-up unit, but the cables can be bought in what ever number you  wish, and the sensors likewise. When you buy a unit or rent one the software comes with it (included at no extra cost): this includes the  App for the iPad (CURO Clinic), the computer based data storage system  and the computer based analysis software. Data can be saved as CSV or  WAV files and then analyzed using other types of software if you wish. 

Is the CURO system available and at what price?

    • The  system is commercially available and being sold. I can ship you a unit very quickly .. most likely a next day despatch. The CURO is selling for €23,000 / $26,000 which includes the whole system as a start-up package. Although if available units can be rented for shorter term projects. 

Is the CURO reliable?

    • Yes .. there are a number of scientific publications which document the repeatability and reliability of the CURO (see documents).  

Is there a warranty?

    • Yes .. the CURO comes with a 2 year warranty. If for some reason your unit ceases to work properly then we would be happy to replace your unit, often with a next day despatch.

Do you have a representative in the USA?

    • Yes .. we have a sales and support representative in the USA. For details please contact Mark Williams, his e-mail is:

What logistic support do you provide?

    • We  are able to support new customers with cables and sensors. Mark Williams keeps a stock so he can overnight supplies as necessary. We both provide  support via e-mails and or phone calls as necessary.

Is there a possibility for CURO training?

    • Yes .. we are happy to provide a couple of training days with a CURO user near you.

Are the results of measurements automatically saved in the app on my i-Pad?

    • The data measured using the CURO system can be stored in 3 ways: 1) you can press the red record button on the CURO itself and then when you are finished, the data can be transferred as a WAV file for later analysis with our Client Cloud software or any other software, 2) the APP and iPad have the option to save short sequences of measurement (typically 10-15 seconds at a time) which can later on be sync´ed with the Client Cloud using a 4G SIM in your iPad or failing this, a very good WiFi link – this system can fail though depending on your internet link and its stability, and the amount of data you try to transfer this way, 3) you can take a screenshot in the APP using a small camera icon in the top right-hand corner of the recording page .. this enables you to time stamp recordings and use the data later on with clients or your report. 

Since I will be comparing right and left sides of horses; is there a way to calibrate the sensors?

    • Well, the simplest and easiest  way to do that is to place two sensors together in your hand align them  .. brass side against brass side, connect them to a cable and a CURO  and activate the CURO and iPad APP (ie. CURO  Equine) so you can see the signal streaming by on the measurement page  of the APP .. then with your thumb and finger of your other hand just  gently apply pressure equally to the centre of both sides of the sensors  .. in this way you can quickly see if one  sensor has become damaged and is not responding to pressure .. I do  this as a routine setup before I go out and measure a horse or dog and  then I do it again after a measurement to make sure I don´t continue to  use a sensor that has become damaged as a result  of the measurement or its removal from the animal. I usually vary the  pressure from very very slight up to moderate just to check that both  sensors are responding equally. 

CURO WiFi settings

If you experience a lack of connection between the CURO and your iPad then the most likely reason is an incorrect WiFi setting.

Please  check that the iPad WiFi connection is set up correctly  .. it should appear as “amg” on the iPad when the CURO second “blue” button is  activated .. then check that the setup for the “amg” WiFi is as follows:

IP Address –

Subnet Mask –

Router –