What’s a CURO?

A CURO provides vets with a comprehensive and reliable tool for both suspensory system and muscle assessment.


The CURO is a very delicate scientific piece of equipment which enables you to select and follow a horses muscles whilst physically active. You can select your own muscle groups, or take advantage of the CURO software to identify which muscles to measure from.

The CURO software show you how to prepare the sensor sites, attach the sensors and start your recordings. Together with a CURO unit you will be better able to follow and direct the training of a horse, identify muscle imbalance and precisely locate muscle injuries.

App Integration
In the CURO app you can select a muscle group, or muscle groups (a total of 2 muscle groups can be assigned per CURO). The app also provides an online source of information with regard to muscle anatomy.


curo_ipadUse it to select individual muscles, learn about their attachment and their function. Alternatively, use your own muscle anatomy knowledge to select a muscle or muscle group, and start recording.

Avoid muscle injuries

The CURO measurements are pain-free, non-invasive and allow you to train your horse without restrictions or hindrances. Muscle activity can be followed directly on an iPad in real-time during a training session, and afterwards be transformed into a detailed analysis report.

The muscle analysis will give you valuable knowledge about your horse, e.g. how well-trained it is, how symmetrical your horse is when it moves and how the horse is affected by a saddle or rider. When your horses muscles are showing early signs of fatigue so you can stop your training to avoid muscle injury.

The CURO system can be used as a non-invasive and real-time monitor for such functions as:



I am thrilled to hear that you are developing AMG into a clinical tool, both for animals and humans!

Dr. Dan T Barry, American engineer, Medic, Scientist and retired NASA astronaut


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