Illustration of where to place the CURO system for Veterinarians on a horse

The system

The CURO is a very delicate scientific piece of equipment which enables the user to select and follow a horses muscles whilst physically active.

The CURO software shows you how to prepare the sensor sites, attach the sensors and start your recordings.

Together with a CURO unit you will be able to identify muscle imbalance, precisely locate muscle injuries and follow and direct the training of a horse.

The myodynamik for the CURO system for Veterinarians

CURO history

The CURO is a product which was established in 2011 and after 2.5 years of testing with a Veterinary Clinic, and trials with Marathon runners, we started commercial production.

The CURO system uses muscle contraction data recorded by special muscle sensors and algorithms developed through research – thus enabling a totally new, innovative and precise way of following muscle function in real-time.

An iPad showing the tool for the CURO system for Veterinarians


CURO is Latin for "I Care", which is our company ethos.

A CURO provides Vets and Medics with a comprehensive and reliable tool for both suspensory system and muscle assessment in horses, dogs and humans.

Our mission is to be the first choice partner for Veterinarians and Medics seeking to understand muscle and suspensory system function.

CURO - Sales Information

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